Is “ok” good enough?

We have all heard and used the phrases ‘I did this/that and I turned out ok‘ or  ‘I didn’t have or do this/that and I turned out ok‘, and that is ok.  But is ok good enough for your children, or do you want them to be more than ok, maybe even AWESOME?

With wanting more for the next generation it means questioning what is considered ‘normal’, possibly going against the grain and doing more research to make some different choices – it means a little more work!  But that work can make a big difference.

For the first time in our history, the life expectancy for this current generation is expected to be less than their parents… This is quite sad for them, as the quality of life is thought to be reduced with chronic illnesses on the rise!  But this also tells us that things need to change.  Change can mean not doing what everyone else is doing!

Some things that are thought of as being “different” include;

– breastfeeding for longer than 6 months (maybe even until the age of 2 or older)

– co-sleeping

– waiting until at least 6 months (or until the baby has their first teeth) to introduce solids

– not giving babies and infants any grains (wheat, oats, rye, spelt) or sugar, or waiting until their digestive systems are mature enough to handle them

– using baby carrier/wrap with the baby facing toward you, while you are out and about or just around the house

-limiting technology time (including TV) and waiting until at least 2 years old to introduce TV

These few things have many physical and mental health benefits when you take the time to look more closely into them, and can make enormous changes to the child’s life immediately and in the future.

Chiropractic can also be seen as a little different!  As a profession we are still facing challenges to be seen as a “normal” thing to do, however, we see many people experience positive health benefits when under regular chiropractic care.  For children many of the changes that we see are not the relief of neck and back pain, but more quality of life changes, such as: sleep improvements, feeding improvements, positional changes, better coordination, and improved concentration just to name a few.

Getting your child checked by a chiropractor for functional and developmental improvements can be seen as going against the grain, but it is a safe and effective way to help make a difference to that child’s quality of life. With 1 in 3 children now having asthma/allergies, 1 in 6 diagnosed with a learning disorder, 1 in 50 put on the Autistic spectrum and childhood obesity quickly on the rise, something’s have to change and maybe going to the chiropractor can be part of that change!

Chiropractic is not the answer to these problems, but it can mean that your child’s nervous system and body is functioning at its best.  Chiropractic adjustments ensure that there is proper feedback to the central nervous system, restoring balance and motion to the body.

To take a step away from “normal” and get your child checked by a chiropractor, call or email us at Life Kiropraktikk, we would love to help you make another difference to your child’s life.

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